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Meerut Bijnore Road , Behsuma
Distt– Meeut 250 404 (U.P)
Ph.: +01233-289666,
Fax: +01233-289555,
Mobile: +91-9411022770,

About Us  

The D.P. Educational Society was established in the year 1998 with a well defined motive of serving the society by making humble contributions in the field of education through Teacher Education and providing excellent educational facilities and quality education to the students. For the achievement of this motive the D.P.M. Institute of Education, Behsuma was established in the year 2004.
D.P.M. Institute of Education is situated at Meerut-Bijnore Road, Behsuma, Meerut in calm and beautiful nature surrounding of Behsuma. The institution offers B.Ed. courses in Teacher Education and is approved by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and Affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut. At present it has intact capacity of 200 seats in the same course. Our aim is to impart sound and integral education and giving intellectual, moral, social, spiritual and physical training to the "would be teacher" who in turn mould and form the future citizens of India in different spheres of life.
The institution follows all the norms and decision as per the regulatory bodies  NCTE, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut, for the required for physical, infrastructure, recruitment of the faculty, admission procedure, fee structure and curriculum to enact. The Institution has its prime ambition to get acknowledge as a premier institution with a difference. The difference is being created by providing conducive environment to teaching, learning, research and innovation, liberty to teacher and student-teachers for their maximum potential actualization with novel, ICT and value imbibed academic practices.
Thus the institution stands out as a unique college of teacher education for its distinct emphasis on imparting the sound theoretical knowledge of curriculum subjects, teaching and training methods, including practical exposure to actual teaching with a humanistic touch to groom the student-teacher to become both effective teacher and fine persons. Finally, the student-teachers should be capable of carving out and drawing out the best in humans who would contribute in shaping the future of the STATE and building the GLOBAL VILLAGE.

Our Vision

Our college aims at the integral formation of prospective teachers to empower student-teachers to become responsible citizens and be a part of country, social welfare and transformation.


1. To inculcate proper value system such as brotherhood, social justice, dignity of labour and patriotism in students- teachers.
2. To help them excel in communication and soft skills.
3. To provide opportunities to enhance their self-concept and gain self-confidence.
4. To form as inspiring and effective leaders.
5. To enable the student-teachers to apply the knowledge of educational psychology in their teaching-learning process.
6. To integrate the ICTs in teaching-learning process.
7. To foster unity irrespective of their socio-economic and cultural disparities.
8. To help them develop an analytic, synthetic, logical and critical mindset which enables them to face the hard reality of the life and the initiate the desirable social transformation.
9. To help the student-teacher become integrated persons through harmonious development of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral and spiritual powers.
10. To produce committed, competent, creative, compassionate and conscientious 'human engineers' as men and women for others.
11. To facilitate them to interact and work together, and thus to develop gender sensitivity.


1. To uplift the standard of education.
2. To convert the institution into rural university.
3. To provide education at door step.
4. To inculcate the feeling of National Integration.
5. To guide and direct the youth towards noble profession of teaching.
6. To inculcate values through various activities.